What we provide?

Monthly campaign management

Month to month marketing and promotions. We compile our services together in order to deliver a huge impact month to month for our client. We customize your campaign.

Djs for any event & music genre

We have Djs for every event and genre of music, book with us today. 

Digital radio promotion

Let us get you placements on digital tracked radio stations all across the globe, we will help you chart and get paid royalties for you plays.


Our PR department will get your publicity campaign on the road for you, we will get you in front of the media on any major digital platform.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful way to promote your brand, connect with customers, and generate more sales for your business. Our team will work closely with your company to develop digital campaigns that offer the greatest value for your investment.

Mixtape hosting & single placements

We offer our influence in the mixtape space in order to help new artist breakthrough the clutter, we mix a indi artist into our playlist with majors, also we host full mixtapes and distribute to all major mixtape DSP.

B & C market tour development

We have connections to C & D markets &  venues all over the country, we will do the research and get you on tour in your target markets, helping to create organic fanbase.

Ad development & management

We have great experience with programing and managing your ads so that you get the biggest ROI, we put you right in front of potential customers, using the ad system to build your fanbase with our hacks.

Artist website development & graphics

We provide industry standard graphics & website development, ask for some of our sample work.


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