What we provide?

Monthly campaign management

We offer a monthly campaign management service, delivering results for our client. We design customized campaigns that include multiple services to create a tailored package that meets the needs of each individual business.

Digital radio promotion

Using our proprietary technology we can get you placements on digital tracked radio stations all across the globe. We will help you chart and get paid royalties for your plays.


Our PR team will be there to support you and your publicity campaign, taking you from the launch of your product through to the end of its lifecycle. We use our knowledge and experience of how the media works to help you get the right coverage for your business – whether you’re a consumer brand or selling within a niche sector.

Digital marketing

 Our digital marketing team will work closely with your company to develop a winning digital strategy that builds maximum value. We provide all the tools necessary to create a unique and exciting musical experience for your target audience - playlist pitching, digital airplay, event hook-ups, social media campaigns and more. Our customized marketing plans will give you the edge you need in this industry.

Mixtape hosting & single placements

We host and distribute your tape to all major mixtape platforms so you can get heard! We host a combination of established Indie Artist and Major Artist who mixes into our playlist. Mixing your tape into the right timelines along with major artist will ensure your material gets heard in the right timelines and rotations.

B & C market tour development

We have established relationships with thousands of venue promoters, marketers and promoters all over the country, who are always looking for new artists to bring to their C & D markets. If you’re in need of a tour to create some buzz for your new project, we can help. We'll find the right market for your music and book you on an upcoming promo tour.

Ad development & management

We manage your ads so that you get the biggest reach for pennies. This allows you to build your fanbase, using the ad system algorithm to make sure you are in front of people who are going to be really interested in your product or service.

Music Publishing

We have the experience and knowledge to make sure your music is properly published so that you can get paid.

Music Mastering

We provide the best music mastering, we balance the sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats


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